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With over 4 decades of sound design experience we have a commitment to innovation through expertise. All the boats are built in the UK at the Suffolk based factory; Shetland is one of the last few companies still building within the UK.

We have a full housed factory of dedicated staff with expertise across all areas; some members are still with us from the early days of Shetland 40 years ago.

All Shetland Boats are made to the same high specification; this includes top grade resins and glass fibre, balsa wood sandwich, extra heavy duty bearers and fully reinforced stress points.

The hull, super structure, bulkhead and internal mouldings are all bonded together at the point of manufacture to produce a safe, robust boat.

The full range has all fixtures and fittings to a high standard and at Shetland we manufacture more of our own components than any other boat builders.

With the attention to detail and expertise within Shetland the result is a cruiser in which you can place absolute trust.

Within this section of the site you will be able to find full details on all the new Shetland Boats available. Please contact us should you have any questions.

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